Competition instructions

NSM Competition instructions: Long distance

Preliminary competition instructions. Final instructions at the competition centre


Follow the instructions set by the organizers and the finnish laws.

Contact persons

NSM leader: Juuso Kattelus +358 50 571 8816

Competitions: Mikko Knuuttila +358 50 570 7088

Course setter: Antti Harju

Drinking control: Santeri Sainio +358 50 496 6843

Results and finish: Heikki Virekunnas + 358 44 217 5602

Competition centre

Kauppi sport centre. Kuntokatu 5, 33520 Tampere



Kauppi (Jussi Silvennoinen 2010), last updates by Antti Harju 10/2016. A4, 1:10000 with 5m contour interval. Printed 11/2016.


Nordic forest with a lot of paths. Demanding slopes and green areas.


H21 10,8km, D21 7,3km and Party Animal 4km

NOTE: H21 has a two-sided map, remember to turn your map

Control descriptions

H21: Only separate control descriptions.

D21 and Party animal: Descriptions in the map and also separate.

Start times

Elite classes (Men and Women) have predefined start times. Start lists are printed for team leaders and are also available on KeparDI’s website ( Party animals can start freely between 10:00-11:30.

Bib numbers

There are no bib numbers for runners.

Distance to start

700m, route to start is marked.

Punching system

EMIT system. Remember to read your emit out after coming to finish. Rent EMITs can be retrieved from the result service at the competition center.

Toilet and shower

At competition centre. Don’t go inside with orienteering shoes!

Drinking Control:

Drinking control is in the last part of the track. Place is shown in the maps. Drinking control closes at 14:15.

Finish and last control

Only one last control. Finish will be closed 14:45.  Maps are not gathered in the finish. Don’t show the map to runners who haven’t started yet! Rent EMITs must be given back in the finish.

Every competitor must exit the race via finish before it will be closed.


Results available on KeparDI’s website after competitions


In an emergency, ask for help from other runners or go to drinking control / competition centre.

First aid is located in competition centre.


No parking provided by organizers. There is 3h parking limit at competition centre. Free parking at Keilakuja 1, 33520 Tampere.


No buses provided by organizers! Public buses work well. Line 14 comes nearest to the competition centre. Bus schedules are printed for team leaders. Schedules also available here:

Bus schedules:

Bus nr. Departing time from the City Centre of Tampere Travelling time to the competition centre (incl. walking)
1 8:28, 9:48, 10:18 20 min
8 9:25, 9:51 20 min
14 9:50 15 min
28 8:40, 9:10, 9:40 20 min
29 9:08, 9:38, 10:08 20 min
90 9:10 20 min

N.B. Bus tickets (3 €) must be purchased by cash when entering the bus.

Sunday bus schedules are used on Saturday due to All Saints’ Day.


Respect the nature (= no open fires and no cutting down of trees) and other people! Ankles are recommended to be taped.

You are competing and participating at your own risk!